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Welcome to my blog. This originally started out as a place for me to tell my story of my Sims 3 family for the Spooke Baby Momma’s club. But after many changes it’s starting to become a general page for all things Sims 3. I’ve placed links to the right of some of my frequent stops.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

The blog ties into The Sims 3 game forum located here:


Find me at the following forums:


Simmers' Lounge

Simmers’ Lounge is home to a group of talented and talkative Simmers who love to share their experiences in the game. It’s not limited to discussion about Sims, though; members can talk in General Discussion or get their own table for all their threads. The atmosphere is that of a little coffee shop – and if you don’t like that look you can always select a different skin. We have many contests and games, as well as discussions and polls. Gameplay help, custom content, Sims 3 downloads… you name it, we have it. We’re always looking for more affiliates too, so if you have a website that’s one more reason to check us out.

Come visit Simmers’ Lounge; put your feet up and relax. You won’t regret it.

Simmers’ Lounge


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  1. Hey Slinky,

    I posted an update about Spooke on the baby momma thread. Check it out!


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