EA Announces The Sims 3 World Adventures

So it’s official. EA’s first expansion pack will be titled World Adventures. According to the press release our sims will have the opportunity to visit exotic locations such as China, Egypt, and France. The screen shots look amazing. They all look to be from the Egypt location.

But here’s my only problem with this. I really didn’t want an expansion pack that was similar to any of the Sims 2 eps. We had Bon Voyage in Sims 2. And, I admit, I believe that World Adventure is going to be very much different than Bon Voyage, I was still hoping for something more unique.

Here is the official press release:  http://ea.gamespress.com/release.asp?i=1151

AND OH THE JOY! It’s being released on (or near) my Birthday! So now I have the perfect birthday present waiting for me. I’m sure the Sims 3 forum is going to be all a buzz about this news. Who will love it, who will hate it, who will just bitch and moan over how crappy EA is. Oh, i love the forums!


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